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Vision Statement:

Holly Oak works with our families to provide a pathway to realize the dreams and hopes of its children, and to create a safe and friendly learning environment.  We envision technologically literate students who are life-long learners and active in their community.   Together, the staff and the PTA will provide a high quality standards-based instructional program that develops life-long learners and responsible, productive leaders of tomorrow.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Holly Oak Elementary School is to provide the academic support for students to pursue their learning potential to the highest levels, to create a school climate that fosters the feeling of family and community involvement, and to provide children opportunities to experience and participate in the world around them.  Their future depends on their ability to think creatively and critically, work with a team toward mutual goals, appreciate diversity, and be able to adapt to change. They need skills in acquiring, filtering, processing, and using information to make effective decisions and to communicate with others.  Students will understand they are a part of a local and global community.

Our students will learn to set goals, strive to achieve them, and to gain the skills necessary to be a productive and responsible citizen.  They will learn to monitor their own academic and social growth, and to work with the adults around them to assist with their "coming of age" process.

Students will learn to make good choices and choose a life-style that will promote a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. They will learn the importance of the links between health, fitness, and learning.  They will set goals that combine health, learning, family, and community involvement.

Finally, Holly Oak Elementary is a family friendly school.  We want children to remember their experience at Holly Oak fondly, as a place that helped them grow into successful adults.  We value the inclusion of family participation in all aspects of the school.